Product Details :

– Product Name : Baby Pacifier
– Material : Food Grade Silicone, BPA Free, Phthalate Free, Nitrosamine Free
– Age Range : 0 Months – 2 Years
– Color : Pink, Green, White
– Feature : 100% Eco-friendly
– Usage Baby : Feeding Nipple
– Size : 13*4 cm

Specification :

This baby fruit sucker is best served with frozen fruit or ice cubes to ease the pain of your baby’s teeth and massage the baby’s mouth for easy feeding.
The size of the handle is suitable for the baby’s hand, which helps to improve the baby’s ability to hold and chew, improve the baby’s independence and accelerate the baby’s growth.
With child safety snap design, it is easy to lock and lock the nipple, stable use and easy to master. The cap design helps keep silicone capsules and food clean, and easily avoids dust, bacteria, etc., making your baby healthier.
Made from food grade silicone material, it is safe to eat, OFKP environmentally friendly and durable.

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