Pampers Diapers Newborn Size 1 Belt 2-5kg- 80 pcs (UK)

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  • Diaper Size: 1
  • Diaper Type: Belt
  • Weight: 2 to 5kg
  • Quantity: 80pcs packet.
  • Country Origin: UK


Pampers Newborn Size 1 Diapers are the perfect solution for your
precious newborn’s delicate skin. These disposable diapers are designed
for babies weighing 2-5 kg and come in a pack of 80 pieces. The soft and
gentle waistband, flexible side cuffs and snug fit provide ultimate
comfort and a secure fit for your baby, ensuring they feel comfortable
and relaxed all day long. With a Wetness Indicator that changes color
when it’s time for a diaper change, you’ll be able to easily keep track
of your baby’s needs. The absorbent core locks away wetness for up to 12
hours, keeping your baby dry and happy. Trust Pampers to provide your
baby with the ultimate comfort and protection they deserve, giving you
peace of mind and allowing you to enjoy all those special moments with
your little one.
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