This candle is mainly used for decoration and the scent may not be very strong.  Each candle emits its own floral scent and smells relaxing and calming, as if wandering in a sea of flowers. Adhere to the use of high-quality soy wax and cotton wicks to ensure human health. Bubble cube candles, unique and eye-catching, are ideal gifts for house warming, weddings and birthdays. Novel and simple design can adapt to interior design, and make the room look more stylish.

– Handmade

– Bubble Candle

– Color : Multi color

– Size : 4cm

– Weight : 20g+-

– Aromatherapy

– Shape : Flower

– Use : Home Decoration

– Made in China

– বাবল মোমবাতি/রুবিক’স কিউব বাবল সুগন্ধযুক্ত মোমবাতি/বাবল ফ্লেভারের মোমবাতি – candle

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