Fresh Happy Nappy Pant Diaper Large 9-14Kg 34 Pcs

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  • Weight Limit: 9-14Kg
  • Size: Large
  • Pack Size: 34 Pcs
  • Type: Pant
  • Country of Origin: Bangladesh


The Fresh Happy Nappy Pant Diaper is the ideal choice for parents looking for comfort and protection for their babies. Designed for babies weighing between 9-14 kg, this pack includes 34 pieces, making it a cost-effective option for families with multiple children or for those who want to stock up.
The diaper is crafted with a soft and absorbent material that provides ultimate comfort and protection for the baby. The material efficiently draws away moisture, keeping your baby dry and comfortable, while also preventing any leaks.
In addition to its comfort and protection features, the Fresh Happy Nappy Pant Diaper is also designed for ease of use. The pant-style design allows for easy put on and take off, while the adjustable waistband ensures a snug and secure fit.
Whether you are at home, out and about, or traveling, the Fresh Happy Nappy Pant Diaper is the perfect solution for keeping your baby fresh and happy. So why wait? Stock up today and have peace of mind knowing your baby is in good hands.

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