Avonee XL Pant Diaper 12-17Kg 32Pcs

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  • Weight Limit: 12-17Kg
  • Size: XL
  • Pack Size: 32 Pcs
  • Type: Pant
  • Country of Origin: Bangladesh


Avonee XL Pant Diaper is designed for growing babies weighing between
12-17kg. The 32-piece pack offers busy parents the convenience of having
a supply of disposable diapers on hand. The diapers are made from an
absorbent material that keeps your baby dry and comfortable for long
periods of time. The flexible side cuffs ensure a snug fit around your
baby’s waist and legs, helping prevent any leaks and ensuring that your
baby stays dry throughout the night. With Avonee XL Pant Diapers, you
can be sure that your baby will have a peaceful sleep, and you can have
peace of mind knowing that your baby is well taken care of.
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