Avonee Large Pant Diaper 9-14Kg 34Pcs

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  • Weight Limit: 9-14Kg
  • Size: Large
  • Pack Size: 34 Pcs
  • Type: Pant
  • Country of Origin: Bangladesh


Avonee Large Pant Diapers are designed to provide ultimate comfort and
protection for growing babies weighing between 9-14kg. Each pack
includes 34 pieces of disposable diapers that are highly absorbent,
keeping your baby dry and comfortable throughout the day and night. With
a soft waistband and flexible side cuffs, these diapers offer a snug
fit that ensures your baby stays comfortable and protected, even during
the most active moments. Whether it’s for nap time or playtime, Avonee
Large Pant Diapers provide the peace of mind and comfort you need for
your baby’s growing needs.
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