Avonee Jumbo Pack XXL Pant Diaper 14-25Kg 34 Pcs

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  • Weight Limit: 14-25Kg
  • Size: XXL
  • Pack Size: 34 Pcs
  • Type: Pant
  • Country of Origin: Bangladesh


Avonee Jumbo Pack XXL Pant Diapers are designed for larger babies
weighing between 14-25kg. These 34 disposable diapers provide maximum
comfort and protection for your growing baby. With a soft waistband and
flexible side cuffs, these diapers offer a snug fit for all-day comfort.
The superior absorbency ensures that your baby stays dry, providing
peace of mind and allowing for a peaceful sleep. Order the Avonee Jumbo
Pack XXL Pant Diapers now and give your baby the ultimate comfort and
protection they deserve.
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